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A therapy that is proving to be especially beneficial to patients recovering from accidents and surgeries is Astym treatment. That is because it not only regenerates healthy soft tissues such as tendons and muscles, but it also reduces or completely eliminates scar tissue that can be painful and restrictive.

At Alliance Physical Therapy we are having successes with Astym therapy even when other traditional methods have failed. It is highly effective, likely due to the fact that it was developed specifically and scientifically to fix the underlying cause of soft tissue injuries, rather than just reduce the pain of symptoms temporarily.

We are proud to offer this therapy because today it is known as one of the most effective and researched physical therapy treatments available.

It is a great benefit to patients impacted by scar tissue problems, tendinopathies, and other dysfunctions of the soft tissue. Patients are often sent to us directly by their physicians to receive this specific treatment.

Soft tissues are defined as the muscles, tendons and ligaments. When they are injured in some way, as in through scarring or degeneration, the result can be painful and the patient’s quality of life is seriously impacted. There are obvious scars that are visible on top of the skin, but often the more serious problems stem from scar tissue that forms inside the body around the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

If injured soft tissues are not repaired properly in the healing process, they degrade over time, which leaves the patient prone to re-injury. Other causes of degenerating tissue includes intense use, age, or improper movement and weakened muscles.

Astym therapy is effective both in reducing internal scar tissue and in regenerating tissues that have been injured.