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Comprehensive Back Pain Treatment

More than 80 percent of people experience back pain or combined back and neck pain at some point in their lives. When it hits it hits hard, causing lost time at work, hardship in performing daily activities, and seriously impacting quality of life.

In some cases it is a dull and ever-present ache while in others it is sharp and strong and leaves the person totally incapacitated. In most cases it is acute, meaning it is short term and it tends to recover on its own.

In many other cases, however, it develops into chronic pain that extends for months, even after the cause of the pain as in an injury or fall has been treated.

In many cases, surgery to relieve back pain can be avoided with a course of physical therapy. By combining cutting edge therapies with personalized exercise programs, we have had success in helping many patients overcome their pain and get back to their normal level of activity.

In the majority of cases, back pain occurs as part of the degeneration of the spine that accompanies the aging of the body. The normal wear and tear of life can weaken joints, discs and bones, allowing you to be impacted by sprains and strains when you overstretch or lift something too heavy, intervertebral disc generation, herniated or ruptured disc or sciatica. In some instances back problems start as a result of a motor vehicle accident or some other traumatic injury.

Physical therapy, which provides the means to strengthen core muscle groups that support the low back, is effective as it helps the patient to improve their flexibility and mobility, and promote proper positioning and posture to prevent the problem from recurring.