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Fall Prevention Therapy / Vestibular

At Alliance Physical Therapy, serving the Greater Chattanooga area, TN, we engage in a series of interventions to help patients reduce the risk of falling as they engage in physical activity.

These can range from customized exercise programs designed to increase muscle strength as well as flexibility activities and balance training.

We are also able to identify patients who are more at risk than others of sustaining falls. We work with you to help calculate your personal risk. Some of the factors that work into our assessment include your history of falls, issues of gait and balance disorders, weak muscles, arthritis, visual deficits, neurological problems, cognitive impairments, mental impairments including depression, advanced age, number of prescribed medications being taken and cardiovascular issues.

Once we have determined your risk, we work with you to devise a series of fall prevention therapies. They are usually multiple approaches that include balance retraining, core strengthening and specialized training in functional activities.

This is a long-term therapy and treatment will be dependent on the individual needs of the patient. The goal is always to decrease or eliminate the risk factors of falling and help you build strength and endurance. Lifestyle changes that ease risk factors can also be suggested.