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Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) are useful to help determine a person’s range of physical abilities relevant to their ability to work at a certain job and/or maintain a degree of independent living. They also help determine if vocational rehabilitation is necessary.

At Alliance Physical Therapy, we use a systematic approach with evaluation instruments whose reliability and validity has been determined through peer-reviewed research.

This set of tests, practices and observations create an objective determination of a person’s functional ability and can be applied to a variety of life areas, but are most often geared towards employment.

They are often an essential requirement if a person has applied for disability payments from an insurer.

Common measurements taken focus on lifting power, push and pull power, length of time the person is able to stand or walk, ease of flexibility and reaching, grasping and holding capabilities, and balance capabilities.

At our clinics there are a variety of reasons for referrals of patients for these evaluations. Most commonly they are for these circumstances:

  • Clients who have met a plateau in progress made by all interventions
  • Clients who may need an MMI rating for determination of a disability
  • Professionals who need assistance deciding if clients can return to work
  • Worker’s compensation companies wishing to close or settle a client case
  • Assistance determining a client’s consistency of effort or presence of symptom magnification