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Our Physical Therapy Services

Alliance Physical Therapy, serving the Greater Chattanooga, TN area, offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge physical therapy services. Our therapies include, but are not limited to, the follow specialties:

At Alliance Physical Therapy, we do more than meet the minimum criteria for quality of treatment and conduct. We aim to exceed the industry standards. That's why we developed our own Standards Of Care & Performance. We know it's important that you understand your treatment options and that you choose the best physical therapy provider possible. These choices can make the difference between a fast recovery and a disappointing experience. Most don't realize that you have the choice of where to get your physical therapy without a prescription. Come experience Alliance Physical Therapy and get the results you deserve.

We are results driven, not cost driven. Our focus is on the best care for the patient. We plan your care based on our professional judgment, not the insurance company's "one size fits all" protocol. Here, you will never be passed off to an unlicensed aide. You will always work directly with one of our skilled, licensed practitioners.

Why Choose us for Physical Therapy Treatment in Chattanooga?

At Alliance Physical Therapy, you will always receive the most advanced treatment options. Unlike many physical therapy practices, we spend a lot of time reviewing research as it is released. We document our findings and then integrate them at the clinical level. We report our findings on our website and email both professionals and patients. We make sure all our clinics are on the same page and are using the latest proven techniques.

We have the best results . . . and we can prove it! We document and report patient outcomes from first visit to discharge, so we know that our patients have a greater speed of recovery with fewer visits.