Success Stories

Name: Tasha Sullivan

Name of Doctor who referred you to us: Dr. Smith

Date: 02.22.2016

At 18 years old I endured my fist cardio-thoracic surgery due to being born with a birth defect. I was on bed rest for 6 months. At 20, I had my second cardio-thoracic surgery. Before and in between these surgeries I worked as a personal trainer and track coach. After surgeries, I could no longer do any core exercises such as crunches and push-ups.

Three years after my first surgery, I still could not do even one crunch or sit-up and dealt with moderate back pain. I attended physical therapy per my doctor's recommendation. However, after 3 months of weird exercises that I didn't understand, the physical therapist gave up on me. As a former personal trainer, this baffled me. I had been using my own knowledge to attempt to rehab myself too, with zero progress and more back pain.

Five years after my first surgery, I still could not do even one crunch or sit-up and dealt with moderate to severe back pain. Then, I met with an Alliance tech. He convinced me to come talk to Dina, a physical therapist at Alliance. Not only was Dina friendly and professional, but she gave me HOPE.

Dina was convinced she could help me alleviate my back pain and strengthen my core, and she has. After 5 yars of zero progress, I can now do 100 crunches per week! Dina has educated me throughout this process. She explains hy we do each exercise, how to stretch to alleviate my back pain in a hurry, and has provided a long-term solution that is working. I am THRILLED and SO THANKFUL for Alliance Physical therapy.

Name: Lee Sawyer

Name of Doctor who referred you to us: Dr. Jolley

Date: 06.24.2014

I have worked as a Paramedic for 18 years and in that time I have suffered from 2 back injuries. When my doctor recommended back surgery I thought my career was over. My insurance denied my back surgery so my doctor sent me to Alliance Physical Therapy. I was very reluctant to try physical therapy because I had tried it once before after a back injury and it caused me to have excruciating pain. But, after having lived with moderate to severe back pain for over 10 years, I was willing to try anything.

My first visit to Alliance I was very apprehensive. Ashley immediately made me feel right at home. She offered me cookies and made a cup of coffee for me while I waited. Mel and Lindsey were amazing! The level of knowledge and professionalism these two possess are second to none. They not only made me feel better, they made me feel comfortable. I had the Dry Needling by Mel on the first or second visit. It was a little scary and slightly uncomfortable but about 30mins after I left I felt something I haven’t felt in 10 years….no pain. It was so amazing to me to feel that good that I drove right back to Alliance and gave Mel a hug. I was almost in tears I was so happy.

It has now been almost two weeks since my last visit and I am proud to say that I am still pain free and have not taken any pain medicine in a month. Thank you Mel, Lindsey and Ashley for making physical therapy an awesome experience!

Name: Nicholas Clark

Name of Doctor who referred you to us: Dr. Sumida (Memorial Hospital-Hixson)

For several years I’ve dealt with my kneecap popping out of place during random activities and I couldn’t figure out the cause of it. Since I started therapy at Alliance I’ve noticed that my legs are much more stable and I don’t have to worry about my knee when I have to bend my leg or do any kind of physical labor. I came to Alliance to achieve my goals and I have. Thank you Alliance!

Name: Mike Arnold

Name of Doctor who referred you to us: Dr. Duvalde

This P.T. and teaching has changed my life. I have learned more about stretching and exercise than I have ever; a whole new way to stay in shape. ROM on my shoulder has exceeded all I hoped for. I have a new respect for the service in P.T.

Name: Jerry

Before coming to Alliance my body was in bad shape. I was unable to do a lot of things I could for myself. I could not bend over without being in pain. I had trouble walking in the woods…was not enjoying my life. The staff at Alliance is excellent. They taught me how to take care of myself. I feel much better. I would highly recommend Alliance P.T. to others.

Name: Anonymous

Name of Doctor who referred you to us: Dr. Campbell

When I first came to Alliance I was in so much pain that I could hardly bend over to pick something up. Daily chores were nearly impossible. After my time here my back is 100% better. I can bend over with ease and am slowly strengthening my back thanks to the daily exercises they taught me. I highly recommend using Alliance or your physical therapy needs.

Name: Phyllis Brown

Name of Doctor who referred you to us: Dr. Mark Freeman

I am very satisfied with the professional care that I have received at Alliance P.T. All of your staff are very concerned & caring to meet the needs of all patients. Thank you for making my life less painful and back on my feet again.

Name: Molly McConnell

Name of Doctor who referred you to us: Dr. Gary Malakoff

The staff here at Alliance Physical Therapy has not only been informational and helpful, but very kind, fun, understanding and encouraging. I have been very pleased with my results and with the exercises and treatments each week. Coming from an upcoming college student planning to major in pre-physical therapy (PTA), I hope that I can treat my patients with as much kindness and supportiveness. I look up to Mell, Alicen (and Elizha) as role models. Thank y’all very much! (I’ve already referred several people to come here!)

Name: Steven Holt

Name of Doctor who referred you to us: Dr. Charles Rudolph

My wife told me not to race the 6th grader in the sack race after VBS. I did not listen and I was in the doctor’s office the next morning hardly able to move. I had done something to my back and have never experiences this much pain before. The doctor sent me straight to Alliance and they had me walking and feeling better after the first visit. They showed me what I could do at home and two visits later I feel great! It has been 7 days since I hurt my back and now I am better than before. They know what they are doing and do a great job.

Name: Deadreau M.

Name of Doctor who referred you to us: Dr. Azhar Sheikh

The team has taken such good care of me. It has been a positive experience from start to finish. Everyone was always concerned about my comfort level and concerned about my well-being. I have already recommended you guys to others even for minor discomfort. Thanks for such a positive experience.

Name of Doctor who referred you to us: Dr. Schulli, Pain Specialist

I really enjoy going to Alliance Physical Therapy, glad my pain specialist sent me to physical therapy. The staff was excellent with me and taught me a lot about how to take care of myself and manage my pain. I would refer everyone to Alliance. They are kind, gentle mannered, very respectable, make sure you are comfortable and they take their job seriously. If I ever need physical therapy again it would be nowhere but Alliance. They listen and explain things to you and answer all of your questions. I pray God continues to bless them with understanding, knowledge and wisdom to help the sick. They will truly be missed by me. I feel much better thanks to Alliance Physical Therapy.

After my neck surgery the staff here has worked very hard to restore the movement of my neck and helped to lessen my pain. I am pleased with the results. Everyone here is very concerned and caring. I am moving into the wellness program now. I look forward to even more positive results. I thank the entire staff at your Cleveland location.

Name of Doctor who referred you to us: Dr. Joseph Mazzolini

My back is better and I don't have to see a surgeon! The reason I have trouble lifting things is due to back surgery- they told me not to lift more than 5 pounds but sometimes I have to. I still have trouble getting on and off my bed because it is too high but it is much better. I guess I'm not quite well yet. everyone has been very helpful and kind and yet they really put you through exercises!

Name of Doctor who referred you to us: Cleveland Back & Neck

When I first came to Alliance I could barely lift my right arm or turn my neck. I have enjoyed coming here and meeting all the staff. They all have had good bedside manners and they have all worked together to successfully get me back to doing my normal day-to-day activities.