Avoid Winter Sport Injuries

Winter sports are a lot of fun. However, it's important that you engage in winter sports with caution as well as common sense.

Approximately 440,000 people are treated in the hospitals every winter as a result of fractures, ankle injuries and more – all related to winter sports. Recovery time for these types of injuries can be lengthy, often requiring physical therapy for a period of time. 

For any type of cold-weather sport, be aware of the various skill levels and know where you fall on the scale. Don't do more than your skill level will safely allow. This helps to ensure you're ready for any kind of cold-weather activity.

You should also be sure to wear the necessary gear for whatever activity you're doing. This includes protective equipment and apparel appropriate for the winter environment. 

If you want to avoid injury, the best thing you can do is perform exercises that strengthen your lower extremities and your torso. Being in overall good physical health will go a long way in injury prevention.

Learn to fall correctly. You can greatly reduce your risk of injury by falling on your side or buttocks and rolling, rather than attempting to brace yourself with you hands.

Before you go on any kind of winter vacation where sports activities are involved, talk to your doctor about ways to prevent injury – including learning where to hold ski straps, the importance of having bindings checked on ski boots, and much more.

After all, you want to come back from your vacation in one piece!